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The shock of the new – regional manufacturing?

Like many, I am professionally a bit sceptical about news items and opinion pieces that attempt to forecast the future or talk about the ‘next big thing’.  That said we ignore them at our peril.  This article seeks to identify a… Read more »

A new state for northern Queensland

Northern Queensland? I see the perennial idea of northern Queensland seceding (in practical terms) and setting up a new State has risen its far-from-beautiful head again. Various politicians have got on the bandwagon more, I suspect, from party-particular or ideological… Read more »

Election fever – what’s in it for us?

We are barely over the local government elections in Queensland – in fact many regional results aren’t available yet – and now it looks like we have a federal election not far away.  What are the implications for the regions?… Read more »

A place to call home

For the last couple of weeks I have been working with a group from a rural area, not near here, on a grant application.  While the wonders of contemporary communications make it easy to work remotely I decided to pay… Read more »

How not to build infrastructure

  Well it looks like an early election is on the cards if the TV ads for the Nation Building Authority Infrastructure Australia are anything to go by.  the TV series Utopia has done us all a grave disservice: it’s… Read more »

Rebound in manufacturing

Now here is some good news for once.   There is a small but, so far, consistent rebound in manufacturing data in Australia. You will read in many places about how Australia needs its manufacturing sector to return to the position it… Read more »

2016 – the global economy, what’s in store?

I imagine this is one of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pieces around the world that have been written with that headline.  However in a social media landscape everyone gets the chance to provide their viewpoint and, as… Read more »

The climate change debate

I’ve just had another “like” on a comment I posted to a Facebook discussion on climate change.  What I wrote was “(T)he debate has to be reframed away from climate change and towards how to manage the transition from non-renewable… Read more »

Break on through

In setting up this blog on the pH7 Consulting website, I had not done any prior thinking about themes or what role the blog could play.  The first couple of posts kind of hint at this. Some years ago I… Read more »

Valuing the customer

Without going into the hoary (hairy?) details, I’ve had some wildly varying examples of customer service lately. In one case I’d made extensive travel arrangements based on some work to be done to my car, but a day’s drive from where… Read more »

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